Youth Welfare Programme




They’re capitalist-minded–and they’re changing the nation forever

The Youth represent the hope and future of a country. They have a vital role to play with regard for fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils and lead the country to unity and prosperity. The immense resources of youth, if galvanized, can work as a major force of socio-economic change. It is therefore needed to create increasing opportunities for them to develop their personality and their functional capacity and thus make them economically productive and socially responsible.

With this view in mind Empowerment has given shape to Youth Welfare Programmes. Empowerment holds the serious responsibility of creating material situation and empowering the youth along with his/her mental, aesthetic, artistic and physical development. It gives more importance to the development of a whole society through the development of every single person. It conducts English Speaking Programmes, Workshops on fine arts, dance, theatre, training in vocational programmes etc. The programme runs throughout the year for the youths.