Women Welfare Programme


Feminine Mystique: Celebration of International Women’s Day 2013

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Empowerment hosted an art exhibition of 15 women artists at DLF Place, Saket from 2nd-17th March. The show was inaugurated by H.E. Smt. Prema Cariappa, Chairperson Central Social Welfare Board. Through the medium of arts, Empowerment gives a chance to children, youths and adults to understand the various facets of a woman that are both sacrificing and divine at the same time. The program was a Celebration. Celebration of the principle of “Shakti”, of femininity, of poise, of grace and of life itself. The exhibition drew out young aspiring women artists’ over and provided them with a platform to showcase their talent and take their passion forward. The show was very well received by media as well.


Colours of Feminism: A tribute to Nirbhaya

A 23-year-old woman is gang raped, beaten severely, then stripped and thrown out of a moving bus! This is the heart of the capital. A brutal rape in the capital of India is committed every single day. What is horrifying about this figure is not what it adds up to but what it hides. Thousands of rape victims who choose not to go to the police to protect themselves from victim-shaming.

To get answers to these questions, Empowerment expressed solidarity with the awakened nation fighting for basic rights of women; in the medium we  know best that of colours and painting. To have a start of the movement, Sonika Agarwal (General Secretary-Empowerment) invited the Artist fraternity, students, youths and their parents to come and express themselves through colours and join us for this peaceful show of solidarity with the nation’s cry for justice and stronger laws. There is strength in numbers and it’s time to prove it.

Artists and youths painted 20mt. Long canvas painting and wrote messages on the theme ‘Colours of Feminism’- a tribute to Nirbhaya on the 6th of January, Sunday from 12 p.m. To 4 p.m, at Ambience Mall, Vasant  Kunj. The canvas will on display till 20th of January,2013 Later, the canvas will be displayed on the billboards, public places, metro stations and other public places across the city.

Shaktiroopa – Women Artists Show

Empowerment organised Shaktiroopa, 25 women artists’ show to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Year of Central Social Welfare Board, conceptualized and curated by Kumar Vikas Saxena & Sonika Agarwal. This exhibition represents unique journey of Indian women as perceived by a cross section of women artists.  While some paintings portray a woman in her shy and demure avatar, another brings out various roles that she adeptly plays and still another, her primal force in full glory.

Shaktiroopa was inaugurated on 4th of October, at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam by Smt. Prema Cariappa Chairperson, Central Social Welfare Board and guest of Honor Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar and Smt. Shalini Goel. Show was very well received by artists  with their presence Kanchan  Chander; Puja  Bahri; Illoosh  Ahluwalia; Nupur Kundu; Nidhi  Agarwal, Sunayana Malhotra, Shruti  Gupta  Chandra and others. The exhibition continued till 12thOctober,2012.

Smt. Prema Cariappa, Chairperson, Central Social Welfare Board, said that the exhibition represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the women of India and has been put up by a cross section of women artists who have given expression to their perceptions of life through the medium of art.

Art curators and Founder of Empowerment Kumar Vikas Saxena and Sonika Agarwal believes that art needs to have an interaction with community. A dialogue through fine art is direct and transcends language barriers. Fine Art gives visual character to thoughts, emotions and moods and is steeped in cultural thought. This show Shaktiroopa will not only advocate mutual acceptance but will promote a change in thinking.

On Mothers Day Thank your Mother

On the special occasion of Mothers Day Empowerment paid tribute to the mother – the greatest blessing of God on us. Mother’s Day was celebrated to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. All the children gave performance to pay gratitude for mothers. It was important to make children realize the importance of mother in our lives and to respect them. On May 11 it celebrated Mother’s day. Children participated in dance competition, poem recitation and manners at home competition and Drawing Competition on the theme ‘Me and my Mother’. All the activities were dedicated to the mothers. Children made their mothers feel special and presented flowers to them.


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