Maitri- an artists’ residency program of 10 Indian and 9 Chinese artists was conceptualized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and organized by Empowerment.from5th-11th November in Jaipur The program was curated by Vikas Saxena and Sonika Agarwal.

Transcending the language barrier the artists’ found a common ground through their art and passion for singing and dancing. They freely interacted, mingled and participated in a shared creative process. They painted their canvases and shared their thoughts on different styles and schools of thought. Close interaction promoted a sense of camaraderie and brought to the fore the common heritage and cultural aspects of both the countries.

Through Maitri a dialogue has been initiated that originates in art and culminates in better understanding, empathy and love for each other. The connections and relations thus formed are sure to carry on much beyond the duration of the camp and that was the real measure of the success of this program.

Art as a medium of expression reflects the essence of self as also the cultural nuances. A confluence like Maitri promotes the feeling of understanding and empathy at the peoples level for each others’ culture, their uniqueness and yet the sameness.

On the concluding day of the program, an art exhibition was organized at Jawah Kala Kendra, Jaipur which continued till 14th November 2014. It featured the art canvases that the artists had painted during the residency. The exhibition was inaugurated by Chief Guest Shri Satish C. Mehta, Director General, and Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Hon’ble Justice R.S. Chauhan. It received much appreciation by the delegates, audiences and media that came in huge numbers to watch this unique collection of art.

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