Craft Sensitisation


Empowerment is association with COHANDS organized Craft Awareness Program in 4 schools of Delhi for 6 days each involving 500 students. It organized workshops in Zari Embroidery & Bamboo craft to promote Indian handicrafts among children from 12-15 years. Students got a chance to try their hands on the making bamboo matts, zari embroidery scarfs and created their individual pieces This whole process sensitized the children towards the atrocities and the hardwork of the artisans. Handicraft is an image of our culture that is both visible as well as tangible. We at Empowerment, promote Indian arts and crafts among children from 13-16 years by organizing workshops in schools. It is very important to sensitize the students and youths about the handicrafts of India to keep our culture alive and we should have many more workshops like this in the schools and colleges.

The students gained a better perspective and a more hands-on understanding of our rich art and culture. This exposure instilled a sense of respect, wonder and zeal to learn more about our prevalent heritage and culture. In addition, this confluence of like-minded artistically inclined students and artisans from different backgrounds, developed a bond which will pave the way for continuous dialogue.

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