Colours of Himalayas II


Colours of Himalayas II was an inspirational step taken by Empowerment, Uttarakhand Artist Welfare Association and Culture Department, Government of Uttarakhand. The three days artists’ camp held from 12th-14th of March 2015 at the Tullahmore Estate Mussoorie. It showcased eleven renowned artists from the country to create a painting each in their signature styles and taking inspiration from the nature beauty of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Senior artists Gogi Saroj Pal, Jagadish Dey and Jai Zharotia also shared a thought about ‘things back then’, their early career days and their visit to the hill station. Meanwhile, Mrinmoy Barua and Sheikh Hifzul were busy making most of the sunny day by staying outdoors and painting. M.S. Rawat loved the fact that he could work in a peaceful environment. For Prakash Patil, the hills opened up newer worlds. Kanchan Chander stumbled deep in a thought as she stood in front of her canvas astonishingly to do magic with her brush. Maitreyi Kar was also seen sketching over a large canvas which showed a little baby near the roots of a tree planted outside and the mother wearing a crown made of thorns standing not too far away. The youngest of all was Ms. Anjum Khan and decided to stay with what she took from the environment and brought it on her canvas.

Colors of Himalayas-II was a unique opportunity for artists from different genres, age groups and backgrounds to understand, connect and learn new things about art.

Its objective was to preserve art that will enhance our cultural values and emancipate our history with a more artistic view. We hope to see more interactive participation by artists to promote and harbor peace. We would like to thank Department of Culture for having supported us throughout this unique journey. It was an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime by all involved, an immensely impactful and cherished journey.