Colours of Hope

India-Pakistan Women Artists’ Painting Exhibition 


“Colours of Hope” an art exhibition of women artists from India and Pakistan celebrates the common yet unique cultural links of the neighbouring countries. Art and Culture plays an important role in the development agenda of any nation. Cultural exchanges across borders bridges gaps at various levels and involve participation from citizens and governments thus creating a peaceful atmosphere of tolerances for everybody to co-exist.

The South Asian region constitutes one of the oldest civilizations in this world, which has grown and prospered in part due to the nurturing of human talent for art and culture. The beautiful architecture and the common themes therein stand testimony to this fact. The silk route and the Mughal dynasty weave a common thread between Pakistan and India as does the shared history, religion, belief systems, art, cuisine and fashion. Like dialects of a common language, the art language of these countries draws from one common language- the language of culture.

To promote and reconnect to the cultural roots and go a step beyond diplomacy and geographical boundaries women are perhaps the best ambassadors. Women are the nurtures, care givers and the first teacher of a child and the involvement of women lend credence that on a ripple effect has the potential to
transform the beliefs of a citizen, of the family and eventually the nation, one at a time.

Colours of Hope, an initiative by Empowerment, brings together on one common platform, established and young Indian and Pakistani women artists. The participating artists included Ayesha Durrani, Fizza Salem, Amna Ilyas, Romessa Khan and Mariam Khan,Gogi Saroj Pal, Seema Kohli, Nupur Kundu and Sonika Agarwal. This art confluence set the stage for a unique interaction between highly charged minds from various backgrounds, styles and schools of thought. It brought to the fore the common heritage and culture of the participating nations India and Pakistan and inspired the citizens to be more empathetic and understanding. The exhibition and the interactions aim at helping people understand that the people across the border share the same ideas, feelings and anxieties as themselves.

The exhibition was supported by Ministry of Culture, ICCR, ONGC and inaugurated on 28th of February 2014 at Azad Bhavan Art Gallery in New Delhi.

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