Art Exhibition

Annual Art Exhibition

Empowerment organized its 9th Series of Annual Art Exhibition involving 100 young budding artists on the theme “Symphonies of Design”. The exhibition was held in two parts. One in March 2014 at Arpana Art Gallery and second on the 12th of December,2014 at Pearey Lal Bhavan, art Gallery, Delhi.

Folk art encompasses art produced from are or by or other laborin. In contrast to , folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of and are not employed.

Artists have always found inspiration in unpredictable sources: art, life, history—there are no boundaries. In this spirit, our young artists were made to exlore the relationship between inspiration and creation. Folk art is a favourite source of inspiration with artists. Students were taught about madhubani, gond and warli folk arts practiced in India. Students took inspiration and developed their own style of painting which were promoted by Empowerment.

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Art Exhibition of students from 15 schools of Delhi and NCR on 26th Novermber 2013 at Arpana Art Gallery, Siri fort Complex, New Delhi. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri Prasad Kariyawasam, H.E. High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in India ans De. Suresh K.Goel (Retd. as Secretary to Ministry of External Affairs).

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Empowerment inaugurated its 8th edition of Annual Art Exhibition of young budding artists at Open Palm Cout Gallery, India Habitat Centre on the 18th of May.

It also got associated with poet Ms. Preeta Chandran and artist Pankaj Kumar Saxena for their book launch:

The Painted Verse, as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of poetry and painting, two different, yet complementary arts which has been published by Bibliophile South Asia. The poet and the painter weave a rich fabric of colours and words, inspired by nature and its beauty, love, pain, joy and the innermost feelings of humankind. The poems have a universal appeal and are an enchanting blend of rhyme and meter as well as free verse that characterizes modern poetry. The mixed media artwork in the Painted Verse combines various traditionally distinct visual art and together the poems and the paintings form a perfect fusion.

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Art Exhibition of young budding artists at Japan Foundation on the 21st of August,2012 on the theme “Contemporary Art an Inspiration”. The program was inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Karan Singh President, ICCR.



Art Exhibition of children at Art Lounge, Hotel Ashoka on the 18th of December,2011. The show was inaugurated by Shri Anwar Haleem, Deputy director General, ICCR..


Fifth Delhi & NCR Level Art Show of children- “Expression’11″

Empowerment organized its ‘Annual Art Exhibition’ of children on the 8th of May, 2011, Sunday at Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre on the theme ‘Modern Art- an Inspiration’. Inaugural Ceremony was at 12.30p.m. Around 80 children from different schools of Delhi participated in the show. The Chief Guest Shri Suresh Goel, Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs inaugurated the show. His gracious presence was very motivating for our young budding artists.

Children took inspiration from the great artists and expressed their thoughts on their canvas. The paintings of children walked everyone through some of the very famous Indian Modern artists’ style of working, showcasing an energetic, creative and entrepreneurial young nation grappling with the excitement of constant reinvention, of change.


Expression’11- Art Show of Children

Empowerment gives an opportunity to children to blossom into their true selves through the art programs it offers. The Art Exhibition was designed to light up the imagination and inspire a child to create a beautiful painting on the theme “Beautiful Nature” or “Our Rich Heritage and Culture”. The Art Exhibition was held at Azad Gallery, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, I.P.Estate, Azad Bhavan from 11th to 17th February. The show was inaugurated by our Hon’ble Chief Guest Smt. Shalini Geol at 11a.m. on the 11th February, 2011. Children from 4yrs. – 16 yrs participated in the exhibition. We were overwhelmed to have around 1,500 participants from Delhi in the show, out of which 40 best paintings were selected and awarded for the exhibition.



It organized the Fourth Annual Art Exhibition of children at Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, on the 30th of May, 2010. The theme of the show was ‘Great Artists- an Inspiration’. The Chief Guest of the show was Mr. Virendra Gupta ,Joint Secretary,  Director General of Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Paintings of around 80 children from different schools of Delhi were displayed in the show. Various movements and styles of painters were brought together under one umbrella by children. This exhibition showcased a popular history of painting from medieval times to the present day.

In the exhibition of children people could see the connections between the paintings of Manet and Goya, or the equivalence between the emotional weight of a Rothko and a Caravaggio. The challenge of the exhibition was to guide people to make these associations, as well as to inspire and inform.



It organized the Third Annual Art Exhibition of children on the 5th of July, 2009, at DLF Place Saket on the theme ‘India in one city-Delhi’. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Satyajeet Rajan (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Government of India.)  ’Dilli’ is the heart of India. It embodies centuries of life and living, of changing cityscapes and fine architectural masterpieces that draw together ancient fortresses, mediaeval cities, and a metropolis that has, without hesitation, embraced the diverse, multilayered and dynamic reality of India and all Indians. The paintings of children showcased some of the symbols that compel Delhi to stand apart, showcasing an old civilization and more importantly, an energetic, creative and entrepreneurial young nation grappling with the excitement of constant reinvention, of change.



The theme of the Second Annual Art Show of children was ‘Expression’. It represented all stages of work, from the very early experimental works to the more realistic and sophisticated. The ages of the children whose work was exhibited range from 4 years to 16 years. Children depicted different aspects and moods of things related to them and their childhood. Around 70 children participated in the show. The Chief Guest of the programme was Mr. Ohm Prakash, IFS, P.S. to Minister of Overseas and External Affairs and Guest of Honour was Mr. Shiva Prasad, Commissioner, Government of Punjab. The guests appreciated the efforts of children a lot. Children were very excited and motivated receiving awards from them and listening to their inspiring words.



Empowerment organized its First Annual Art Show on the theme ‘Dekho Dilli Meri Nazar Se’ at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi in the month of April. Chief Guest, Shri Prem Singh (Speaker-Dilli Vidhan Sabha) inaugurated the show. He was impressed by the hard work, talents and creativity of the children Around 50 children participated in it

Children were exposed to almost all color mediums. Before making paintings they were taken for a Heritage walk to various monuments of Delhi They depicted almost all the monuments of Delhi and also each and every culture and festival celebrated here. All the children were awarded with a certificate and a trophy for their hard work. They felt motivated for the appreciation of their works and to hear the inspirational words of the Chief Guest.