Art Camp

A 3 day offsite art camps are organized by Empowerment for around 500 students from different 15 schools of Delhi to a place of natural beauty, away from the bustle of city life in the lap of nature rejuvenates the senses and skill alike. Landscape painting, delving into the intricacies of effective usage of light on photography to shoot that ‘aha moment’, getting the hands dirty while trekking the hills or letting the cool streams soothe the nerves are some of the activities in these environs. While nature will soothe the senses, art will enliven the day. every year the organization sends around 500 children from 40 schools on these educational trips, that broadens the limits of imagination of these young artists to sky. With the participation of school with the programme enables student to explore and experiment with different arenas of the artistic world. The objective of the program is:

  • Possible by using appropriate and conducive creative environment through creative programmes. Exposure to our handicrafts fostered and developed creative thinking as also creative methods of teaching. Our Handicrafts are the most powerful tool for nurturing creativity in individuals, and especially in children.
  • Craft: Needless to say that culture thrives in peaceful conditions but it also equally contributes in making the surroundings peaceful. At an individual’s personal level it can serve as being therapeutic and a break from the daily stresses of life. Playing with colours, methods and materials and the thrill of creating something is a transformational feeling. These programs go a long way in promoting peace and prosperity.
  • There are various scientific tools and subjects that aim to further an individual’s capabilities and knowledge, however what truly separates one leader from another is the artful methodology of application of these processes. Art stimulates and feeds imagination and develops the capability of appreciating various facets in a seemingly unilateral object.





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